Talk Box:

By: Nux Sept 2011

What is Talk Box?

It seems that YAMAHA 4OP DX synths are the got to have for "talk box", in particular the most desirable being the DX100. If you're looking to grab a 4OP DX for talkbox it doesn't have to be a DX100, the DX27 is the exact same synth it's the DX100's big brother and the DX21 has all that the 27 & 100 offer plus a little more. One shouldn't limit themselves to the DX100's mini keys. Also, the best patch sounds that many find necessary for talk box are a very raspy and gritty "saw tooth" tone. Good results can be had with synths other than 4OP DX. Good can be had with cheap 1980's YAMAHA 2OP's and cheap 1980's CASIO's as well. Experimentation and personal technique will be the true factors to your success with performing talk box.


As with anything worth doing it will take time to learn to "talk box". Knowing which types of sounds work the best along with fingering, pitch bending/mod wheeling and correct mouthing take plenty of practice to get smooth. There are a lot of videos on Youtube showcasing talk box enthusiasts.

Build a "Talk Box"

If you are on the cheap and are handy with household tools you might want to build your own. I've built a few and if done with care they are descent to say the least. There are many commercially made models available as well, read on down the page for details on that.

Commercial Talk Box Units

If you aren't good at building things or just don't have the time etc..., the alternative is to buy a commercially built talk box. They range in price and some are much better than others.

Talk Boxes Retailers:

Guitar Center
Muscian's Friend

Sometimes used isn't so bad either!