Why All The DX100 Hype

By: Nux Aug 2011

Perhaps you own the DX100 and congratulations on owning an awesome little 4OP synth. Perhaps you are one of those people who has been led to believe it is somehow superior to the DX21 & DX27 or any of the other YAMAHA 4OP synths i.e. for it's 'talkbox' reputation. Despite all the talkbox hype out there and the glowing reviews it seems to get at synth review sites it's simply a DX27 with 49 MINI keys instead of 61 full sized ones. It has entirely the same circuitry and functionality as the DX27, just a smaller package with 12 fewer playing keys. Unless you have tiny fingers and can't play a full sized key there is no possible way that theDX100 can be better than the DX27, let alone the DX21 or any of the following generations of YAMAHA 4OP synthesizers that came along after it. To argue it fairly the advantages of having full sized keys far out weighs the portability factor of MINI keyed synths. The hype stops here. The DX100 is a 2nd generation YAMAHA 4OP FM synthesizer.

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